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Ring Binders & Accessories

Tested and sold hundreds of thousands of times and preferred by many stamp collectors.  The LINDNER ring binders exemplify quality, appearance, and functionality.  All ring binders are superbly manufactured and guarantee convenient handling when turning pages.  Removing or adding pages is especially easy - simply press the tabs on top and bottom to open the 18-ring mechanism.  Page lifters ensure that the pages lie flat at all times.  The perfect binder system for your stamp collection.

See accessories such as slip case pull-handles and page lifters at bottom.  
Ring Binder Regular - The Classic Set, Binder (empty) & Slip Case

Set, Regular, Green


1124-S Set, Regular, Black

1124-B Set, Regular, Blue

1124-H Set, Regular, Tan

1124-W Set, Regular, Wine-Red

Ring Binder Regular - The Classic, Ring Binder (empty)
1104-G Ring Binder (empty), Green $43.99

1104-S Ring Binder (empty), Black

1104-B Ring Binder (empty), Blue

1104-H Ring Binder (empty), Tan

1104-W Ring Binder (empty), Wine-Red

Ring Binder Regular - The Classic, Slip Case
814-G Slip Case, Green $27.99

814-S Slip Case, Black

814-B Slip Case, Blue

814-H Slip Case, Tan

814-W Slip Case, Wine-Red

Companion Set: "Exclusive", Binder (empty) & Slip Case
1120-G Set, Exclusive, Green $102.00

1120-H Set, Exclusive, Tan

1120-W Set, Exclusive, Wine-Red

Companion Set: "Exclusive Leather", Binder (empty) & Slip Case
1121-G Set, Exclusive Leather, Green $158.00

1121-S Set, Exclusive Leather, Black

1121-B Set, Exclusive Leather, Blue

1121-H Set, Exclusive Leather, Tan

1121-W Set, Exclusive Leather, Wine-Red

Ring Binder "Standard", Binder (empty) & Slip Case
1122-G Set, Standard, Green $67.00

1122-S Set, Standard, Black

1122-B Set, Standard, Blue

1122-H Set, Standard, Tan

1122-W Set, Standard, Wine-Red

Ring Binder "Standard", Ring Binder (empty)
1102 Y-G Ring Binder (empty), Green $51.00

1102 Y-S Ring Binder (empty), Black

1102 Y-B Ring Binder (empty), Blue

1102 Y-H Ring Binder (empty), Tan

1102 Y-W Ring Binder (empty), Wine-Red

Ring Binder "Standard", Slip Case
810 BY-G Slip Case, Green $23.00

810 BY-S Slip Case, Black

810 BY-B Slip Case, Blue

810 BY-H Slip Case, Tan

810 BY-W Slip Case, Wine-Red

ECO Slip Case Ring Binder
1100-G Eco Slip Case Ring Binder, Green $67.00

1100-S Eco Slip Case Ring Binder, Black

1100-B Eco Slip Case Ring Binder, Blue

1100-H Eco Slip Case Ring Binder, Tan

1100-W Eco Slip Case Ring Binder, Wine-Red

SRS Ring Binder Universal SRS $36.00

798 Slipcase Pull-Handle $1.90

799 Page Lifters, Set of 2 $3.80

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