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January 23, 2002

Mr. James Jones, HR Director
Fly Right Avionics Enterprises
1212 Spring Street
Los Angeles, California 90211

Dear Mr. Jones,

This letter is to express my interest in brining my years of experience in airline operation and ground security to your firm. In these troubled times, I know I can add to public safety and security in the transportation industry.

As my enclosed resume indicates, my background includes more than two decades of services at US Airways with significant experience in:

 Aircraft accident investigation as a member of the US Airways disaster team.
 Security checkpoints where I handled countless calls for assistance
 Training the Ground Security team to protect and promote public safety

In addition to the above skills, I can offer your firm:

 More than 30 years of experience in the airlines industry.
 Expertise in dealing with government agencies, including the FAA where I facilitated communications to reduce company fines.
 Reduced absenteeism and occupational injuries, standards I maintained at US Airways where I achieved the best employee safety record of all IS Airwasy cities.

With world events necessitating the highest standards in airport seurity and employees’ performance, my extnsive experience can help meet those needs.

I will be calling you within the following week to schedule an interview so that we might dicsuss this matter further.

Until then, should you have any question, I can be reached at the number listed above.


Russell Morgan

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