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  Dear Ms. Swainsforth:

  I am a registered engineer in the state of Michigan, and I am presently seeking a position in the roofing industry. A copy of my resume is enclosed, and I would like to talk with you should you have an appropriate opportunity for me at Kelco Corporation.

  My most recent assignment was to manage projects at Forte Products Company to develop products for the commercial roofing industry. Part of my responsibility was to provide technical support to sales people, when they had questions of a technical nature from their engineering or architectural customers.

  I have experience in quality assurance and the application of control charting to a large insulation line at Forte Products. This resulted in a 23% reduction in scrap and a 76% reduction in customer complaints.

  I am seeking a position as a team leader or manager in product or process development, or in quality assurance. My compensation requirements are in the $65,000 to $70,000 range, and I am open to relocation.

  I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you and discuss the technical contributions I could make to the Kelco Corporation, especially in the development of exciting new roofing products.

  Thank you for reviewing my credentials, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

  Sincerely, James C. Willison


  Dear leaders:

  Thank you for your concern about the use of the valuable time of my cover letter!

  My name is YJBYS, XX, and this years 22-year-old, height一米八zero, X years in XXXX on XXX graduated from the University, his loyalty to honest and reliable; will be day-to-day operation of computers, has won numerous awards in the student and to participate actively in hospital the activities of school organizations, have a good life style and high sense of discipline in mind, the awareness of higher consciousness, to the implementation of good order, a strong sense of teamwork, hard work style, not afraid of hardship, and the courage first to. the work of a sense of responsibility strong, and ready to help others on the tasks assigned by the superiors motivated and good at learning on their own hard work, a certain degree of grass-roots management experience.

  I have learned is the professional management of industrial and commercial enterprises, but I do not rigidly adhere to professional constraints, of all walks of life are full of confidence and love. Of course, in the spare time, I like to do is to read the Exercise and Sport . I like to see some kind of inspirational books, like her spare time for basketball, soccer and other ball games! I think that there is no good physical work conditions can not be backed up, there is no more flexible mind can notbe!

  Optional wood and good bird habitat, allow disabled persons to friends. An opportunity to co-operate, to me is a good start, for you are a wise choice. I was a Chollima, as you are pursuing the ability and insight to such a re - The horses only. sincerely hope you can give me a play to realize the value of life, in order to effect social development opportunities. language can only be moved by the people of time, the ability to prove I can. I believe that under your wise leadership, in my diligence efforts, tomorrow I will become a member of your organization best. My credo is: Opportunities favor only those people who are fully prepared.

  I wish you every success for the cause,Waiting for your good news!




  Dear Dr. Andersn,

  Mr.Li Quanzhi wh has ust returned t China fr ur universit infred that u are cnsidering the pssibilit f ffering a Chinese language curse t ur students in the next acadeic ear and a have an pening fr a teacher f the Chinese language. I a ver uch interested in such a psitin.

  I have been teaching Chinese literature and cpsitin at cllege level since 1980. In the past three ears, I have wred in suer prgras, teaching the Chinese language and culture t students fr English-speaing curtries. As a result, I gt t nw well the cn prbles f these students and hw t adapt teaching t achieve the best results.

  With ears f intensive English training, I have n difficult cnducting classes in English and feel queit cfrtable wring with Aerican students.

  I will be available after Februar 1998.Please fell free t cntact e if u wish re infratin. Than u ver uch fr ur cnsideratin and I l frward t hearing fr u.

  Sincerel urs,


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