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英文Betway客户端下载 篇1

  dear sir,

  on my graduation from college this fall, i am desirous of securing a position that will offer me opportunity in the field of import and export trading. knowing something of the scope and enterprise of your huge export department, i thought perhaps you would keep me in mind for a possible opening.

  i am strong and healthy, and shall be twenty years of age in september next year. at present i am a student in the college of xx but i shall graduate from the college this coming july, finishing the requirements in three years, i have had no business experience, but my college record has been good. a copy of my antecedents is enclosed for your reference.

  dr. a.tang, president of the college of xx will be glad to tell you more about my character and ability, i shall be glad to call at any time for an interview.

  best regards

  yours faithfully


英文Betway客户端下载 篇2

  Bridge Bobo



  (617) 765-9898

  January 16, 20xxMr. Richard C. Forest


  California Oil & Gas

  330 Primrose, Suite 310

  Burlingame, California 94010

  Dear Richard:

  The years since Stanford Business School have been varied and fulfilling for me, and I hope they have been the same for you. The enclosed excerpt from Fortune magazine and the copy of my resume will give you a snapshot of what I have been doing until recently. In late 19--, I left the investment advisory business to begin marketing myself for re-entry into the corporate world.

  nbsp;Since leaving Amoco, I have found that I greatly enjoy working in smaller, more entrepreneurial businesses and that’s what I am looking for now. My job target is a position with a high management content, either in operations or in the financial area. Ideally, it would be with a company that is two to ten years old and has sales of $5-$50 million. Although I am not looking for investment opportunities, I might consider a limited investment in the right situation. Geographic location is not a major consideration.

  I have some preference to stay in the oil business, but I am not limiting my search to this area. A favorite alternate industry of mine is hazardous waste, however I am open to any situation that is challenging and will make adequate use of my skills.

  Should you become aware of any of your business associates, friends, etc., who might be interested in my abilities, I would appreciate your sending them a copy of my resume or letting me have their names so I can contact them personally.

  Richard, any assistance or advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you.

  Best regards,

  Bridge Bobo


英文Betway客户端下载 篇3

  i am nanning vocational and technical college is going to graduate from graduate school of an accountant professional students. from

  newspapers and magazines that yourpany will have to recruitment accounting position.

  i to yourpanys development has been very concerned, and on accounting the jobs with

  great interest, very willing to work for yourpanys development to do a most meagerstrength. im very honored to have the opportunity to present you my personal


  in two years of university life, i very good mastery of the specialized knowledge,

  learning the cost accounting, management accounting, financial management,puterized accounting, auditing, and other

  professional courses. i am serious about learning, courses average scores 80 points or more, the thought moral character is good, once get

  issued by the college moral honorable mention, during the period of school, i made

  the ministry of education test center the authenticationputer level 2 certificate,

  english class b certificate, accountant card. as a photography association deputy


  general position. i case a bright and cheerful disposition, full of enthusiasm,

  get teachers and students consistent high praise. i can use the office software skilled, has certain on theputer operation ability,

  skilled wubi input method. two years i use their spare time to do part-time outside.

  and through the work study make me feel important responsibility. the life and let

  me have the spirit of the bear hardships and stand hard work. honesty is my character.because i know that treat accounts is not potato, more can do false account.

  serious and responsible job.if i can has yourmon sense, ill conscientious with practical action to prove to you: yourpany in the past, i to and participation; but the

  future of yourpany, i am willing to give my life effort and sweat! im looking forward

  to your good news. once again the my most sincere appreciation! salute


英文Betway客户端下载 篇4

  thank you for reading my cover letter and resume. i study in fujian civil technical secondary school, business english majors in XX.6 month graduation.

  multiple times in social work, cause me to understand when you need personal defying hardships to strive, cannot escape from any, brave to face it.

  i have enough courage and confidence to face the challenge, complete the boss gave me each work.

  for career and the future, i will pursue; for failure and setbacks, i'll embrace. i have enough courage and perseverance to embrace life every challenge! i dare not assert that i was the best, but please believe that i will surely is the most hard! the most active! if huina, i will take every care. stepping into the 21st century china, the competition will be more and more intense, large quantities of outstanding talented person's demand, enable the human resources management talent facing severe tests and will take "strives hard took aim at will attack, firm the confidence move ahead in defiance of difficulties" continue to work hard

  the past does not represent the future, diligence is the real meaning, the practical work, i believe i can adapt themselves to the working environment, familiar with the business in the practical work, and keep learning, and constantly improve themselves, completes the work.

  thank you

英文Betway客户端下载 篇5

  tsinghua univers

  china 100084 beijing.

  dear sir/madam:

  your advertis for a network mainten engineer in the april 10 student daili interest me bacaus the posit that you describ sound exactli like the kind of job i am seeking.

  your posit requir top university, accord to the advertis .bachelor or abov in comput scienc or equival field and profici in window nt4.0 and linux system. i feel that i am compet to meet the requirements. i will be graduat from graduat school of tsinghua univers thi year with a m.s. degre . my studi have includ cours in comput control and manag and i design a control simul system develop with microsoft visual interdev and sql server.

  i have grasp the princip of my major and skill of practice. not onli have i pass cet-6, dure my education. but more import i can commun with other freeli in english. my abil to write and speak english is out of question.

  pleas contact me.i would welcom an opportun to meet with you for a person interview. i would appreci your time in review my enclos resum and if there is ani addit inform you require.

  with mani thanks.

  wang lin

英文Betway客户端下载 篇6

  Dear Sir or Madam

  I am writing this letter to recommend myself as a qualified candidate for the position advertised on the newspaper—part-time English reporter.

  I am a student from Xinhua Middle School, aged 17.I think Im qualified for the job .First of all, as a student, Ive read a lot and have much knowledge in many fields. Im enthusiastic about English and do well not only in speaking but also in writing. Besides, Im easy to get along with an enjoy working together with others. Last but not least, I once worked as a reporter for my school broadcasting station. So Im sure I can do the job well if I get the position.

  I would appreciate it if you could allow me an interview.Im looking forward to your reply.

  Chinese is one of the worlds major language. It is spoken by the largest number of people in the world, more than 1 billion, most of whom live in China. there are about 50,000 characters in written Chinese, about 20,000 of which are known to most people. There are 8 main varieties of Chinese, which are different from each other in pronunciation. Putonghua, closely similar.

   dear h.r. manager:

  this is xxx,and i want to apply for a foreign trader position in your company.

  i will graduate from east china jiaotong university with a bachelor degree in mechanics and electronics engineering this july.

  in college we have sourses related to manufacturing ,mechanics&machinery ,electrics&electronics.besides major study, i am aslo interested in international trade.under the influence of my father who is a businessman i want to be a trader ,especial an international trader in mechantronic or electronic field,because in that way it would be a perfect combintion of my interests and profeesional knowledge.i have self-taught some economic courses during the college for the preparation of my career,such as finance,international trade.

  international trade is a job always under pressure and with little spare time,and i like this kind of job,bucause working under pressure would bring the whole potential out of us and it's growth for us.international trade is aslo a challenge job,it involves many kinds of knowledge,not only you must know clearly the procedures of international trade ,but aslo the knowledge of the product you are trading.i don't fear of challenge,i only fear no challenge to challenge.

  i am a smart guy good at learning,especial those things i like,not only i learn from books, i aslo learn from the people around me,that's why i like to make friends with all kinds of people.i am aslo like reading and watching movies,i read newspaper and magazine regually.i like travelling too and i went to a new place very year during the college.with the characteriscs of honesty,optimisitc,positive,hard-work,promise-keeper,open-mind,i believe i am qualified for the position.

  the following is my text format resume in chinese and english, and the attachment is my recent picture and photos of my academic transcript and some english test certificates,please download and check them.

  please feel free to contact me if you can arrange an interview for me, i can go to for the interview anytime.

  best regards

英文Betway客户端下载 篇7

  university major in computer science, three years of part-time work in a computer software company.


  educational background in business administration with major in secretarial science and two summers of full-time ork experience.working knowledge of all common office machines.


  four years of experience in marketing,in addition to a bachelor‘s degree in management with major in marketing.like to be challenged with a responsible job.


  abillty to organize marketing campaigns and to supervise employees. effective communication abillities and public relations skills.


  three years of successful job experience ranging from sales responsibilities to management of marketing department. adaptable,versatile,industrious.


  special training in accounting at guangdong college of commerce and three years of practical experience in accounting environment.enjoy working with people. responsible and reliable.


  work experience in personnel affairs in a foreign capital enterprise coupled with educdtional background specialized in personnel management.maintain good human relations.


  five years‘working experience in teaching english at a middle school coupled with educational background specialized in english instruction at guangzhou teachers‘college. ability to listen and sensitivity to the needs of students.


  good university education with english as my major combined with practical experience in translating business documents.worked as an interpreter in australia for a chinese investigation group for three months.


英文Betway客户端下载 篇8

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I am writing in response to the advertisement you placed in the China Daily of December 13, for an assistant manager in your company. Both my educational background and work experience closely parallel your requirement.

  I will graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource with honors in July, 20xx. I am convinced that the relevant knowledge acquired in university will lay a solid foundation for my future career. Another point I want to draw your attention to is that I have taken an active part in a wide range of campus activates. In the due process, my team spirit has been enhanced and my interpersonal skills improved. Enclosed with the letter is my resume which further detailed my qualification and experience.

  If you could grant me an interview, I will be highly appreciated. I can be reached at the 54545454. Thank you for your consideration and looking forward to your favorable reply.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming

英文Betway客户端下载 篇9


  Administrative Director 行政主管 File Clerk 档案管理员

  Executive Assistant 行政助理 Office Manager 办公室经理

  Executive Secretary 行政秘书 Receptionist 接待员

  General Office Clerk 办公室文员 Secretary 秘书

  Inventory Control Analyst 存货控制分析 Staff Assistant 助理

  Mail Room Supervisor 信件中心管理员 Stenographer 速记员

  Order Entry Clerk 订单输入文员 Telephone Operator 电话操作员

  Shipping/Receiving Expediter 收发督导员 Ticket Agent 票务代理

  Vice—President of Administration 行政副总裁 Typist 打字员

  Executive and Managerial(管理部分)

  Retail Store Manager 零售店经理 Food Service Manager 食品服务经理

  Executive Marketing Director 市场行政总监 HMO Administrator 医疗保险管理

  Assistant Store Manager 商店经理助理 Operations Manager 操作经理

  Assistant Vice—President 副总裁助理 Production Manager 生产经理

  Chief Executive Officer(CEO) 首席执行官 Property Manager 房地产经理

  Chief Operations Officer(COO) 首席运营官 Branch Manager 部门经理

  Controller(International) 国际监管 Claims Examiner 主考官

  Director of Operations 运营总监 Controller(General) 管理员

  Field Assurance Coordinator 土地担保协调员 General Manager 总经理

  Management Consultant 管理顾问 District Manager 市区经理

  Hospital Administrator 医院管理 President 总统

  Import/Export Manager 进出口经理 Product Manager 产品经理

  Insurance Claims Controller 保险认领管理员 Program Manager 程序管理经理

  Insurance Coordinator 保险协调员 Project Manager 项目经理

  Inventory Control Manager 库存管理经理 Regional Manager 区域经理

  Manager(Non—Profit and Charities) 非盈利性慈善机构管理 Service Manager 服务经理

  Manufacturing Manager 制造业经理 Vending Manager 售买经理

  Telecommunications Manager 电信业经理 Vice—President 副总裁

  Transportation Manager 运输经理 Warehouse Manager 仓库经理

  Education and Library Science(教育部分)

  Daycare Worker 保育员 ESL Teacher 第二外语教师

  Developmental Educator 发展教育家 Head Teacher 高级教师

  Foreign Language Teacher 外语教师 Librarian 图书管理员

  Guidance Counselor 指导顾问 Music Teacher 音乐教师

  Library Technician 图书管理员 Nanny 保姆

  Physical Education Teacher 物理教师 Principal 校长

  School Psychologist 心理咨询教师 Teacher 教师

  Special Needs Educator 特种教育家 Teacher Aide 助理教师

  Art Instructor 艺术教师 Computer Teacher 计算机教师

  College Professor 大学教授 Coach 教练员

  Assistant Dean of Students 助理训导长 Archivist 案卷保管员

  Vocational Counselor 职业顾问 Tutor 家教、辅导教师

英文Betway客户端下载 篇10

  Flat X, 88/F

  Centre Plaza

  Hong Kong

  2 January 20xx

  Mr Ho


  ABC Ltd

  Harbour City

  Tsim Shat Sui


  Dear Mr Ho

  Application for the position of Purchasing Manager

  My interest in the above position you advertised in today's JobsPower.com has prompted me to send my resume for your consideration.

  I possess ten years of experience in electronics purchasing area with five years as Purchasing Manger at XYZ Company. My responsibility is mainly to develop various systems to meet the requirements for world-class manufacturing and for several supplier programs for JIT. In the last position, I have successfully reduced 5% cost on all major contracts.

  I am adaptable, organized and able to work under pressure. My excellent management and communication skills are also essential attributes I would bring to your company.

  Currently, I am seeking a new challenging position where my innovative and management abilities can be applied. Please call me to discuss further about this exciting opportunity. I look forward to talking to you.

  Yours sincerely

  Steven Cheung


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