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Betway客户端下载-betway ios-betway必威官网手机版app

英文Betway客户端下载 篇1

  as the saying goes, downwards, everyone wants to own a larger platform for greater progress。 thank you for taking the time in his busy schedule to read this cover letter。 perhaps you are facing a number of job seekers, perhaps you just rest in between a busy meeting, quiet in a noisy phone after switching on its cover, but i can feel the significance of this moment。 for me, when you turn the page when you have opened the gateway to opportunity for me and the success of the first gate。 you will be opened a new chapter in my life, because your love and care, my life will now appear in a memorable turning point。

  my name is ***, i shaanxi xxx university school of tourism and environment XX session of the project cost professional graduates。 21 years old this year, i cheerful, willing to accept new things, hobbies, dare to meet the challenge, is a person who is not throwing in the towel。 in college who have participated in the school and the department organized sports activities, and awards。 university studies so that i establish the correct outlook on life, values, and the formation of a warm, motivated, and indomitable character and honest, trustworthy, responsible, loving creed。 college life, i have a unique way of thinking, not only learned the textbook knowledge, but also a social practice opportunity, not only on the knowledge of the consolidation and strengthening, but also improve their ability。

  i just want to choose your leaders give me a display platform。 with very sincere feeling of persistent hope to attend your organization's recruitment, i hope i can surprise you coming, gives me hope。 i hope you give me the opportunity to hone their own。 an ancient saying goes: ten years of sword, ten years of school life as a grinding process of the sword。 today finally it presents in front of you, please identify it's sharp, i believe it will not make you disappointed。 self determined, one—day provinces, self—confidence has improved character; brave job, pragmatic innovation, self—confidence had been successful。 so, today i take the liberty of you volunteered, hoping to get a chance to test their own, also hope to contribute to the development of your company's modest。

  at the same time, i also know that now i am just the start of school, your school is my real platform。 today's job, is also hoping to get a better learning environment, which can result in better jobs to repay your kindness。

  of course, as a fresh college students, the biggest weakness than lack of experience。 but i will start everything from practice, i believe that to develop the hard—working young

  spirit will help me as soon as possible into work, work with an open mind to ask older employees to learn and correct their shortcomings, to make up for his own shortcomings and make the greatest ability to contribute to your company's modest。

  finally, zhu guigong division of the business was flourishing! i wish you good health and smooth work, and wish things through and your company and prosperity!

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  Bridge Bobo



  (617) 765-9898

  January 16, 20xxMr. Richard C. Forest


  California Oil & Gas

  330 Primrose, Suite 310

  Burlingame, California 94010

  Dear Richard:

  The years since Stanford Business School have been varied and fulfilling for me, and I hope they have been the same for you. The enclosed excerpt from Fortune magazine and the copy of my resume will give you a snapshot of what I have been doing until recently. In late 19--, I left the investment advisory business to begin marketing myself for re-entry into the corporate world.

  nbsp;Since leaving Amoco, I have found that I greatly enjoy working in smaller, more entrepreneurial businesses and that’s what I am looking for now. My job target is a position with a high management content, either in operations or in the financial area. Ideally, it would be with a company that is two to ten years old and has sales of $5-$50 million. Although I am not looking for investment opportunities, I might consider a limited investment in the right situation. Geographic location is not a major consideration.

  I have some preference to stay in the oil business, but I am not limiting my search to this area. A favorite alternate industry of mine is hazardous waste, however I am open to any situation that is challenging and will make adequate use of my skills.

  Should you become aware of any of your business associates, friends, etc., who might be interested in my abilities, I would appreciate your sending them a copy of my resume or letting me have their names so I can contact them personally.

  Richard, any assistance or advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you.

  Best regards,

  Bridge Bobo


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  Dear leaders:

  Hello! Thank you for your busy schedule to review my cover letter.

  I Department of Hanyang University College of English Department of Foreign graduates in 20xx, facing the choice, I am full of longing and expectation, your organization is willing to put themselves forward to a frank, and submitted my letter of the material, please review.

  I am a young graduate of the school, sixteen years of hard寒窗I created a self-improvement. University four-year short and full of life, a thousand days and nights to come, I荡起wisdom boat, Ying, Chaoyang, send落霞Traveling in the ocean of knowledge. I understand that: modern society, the opportunities and challenges; I know: Only unremitting efforts to have a good harvest. It is with this conviction, I am optimistic and enterprising spirit, hard-working hard learning attitude, work hard pragmatic work style, the principles of teamwork skills, to forge ahead and beyond the self, and strive to become an innovative spirit, a positive open compound talents.

  University life is my life, one of the most important stage of my exploration of life, the practice of true value, independent and wisdom, towards a more mature process. During this period I learned not only textbook knowledge, such as computers, the legal basis for Marxist political economy and other public courses and intensive reading, extensive reading, speaking, listening, writing, translation, Japanese, psychology and other professional courses, as well as the mathematical culture , the basis for economic management, logical thinking and methods, the wisdom of Western philosophy and dialectics of nature, such as elective courses, but also truly understand the meaning of life, the value of life. Work in the future, I was able to engage in English translation, administration, economic management, English education, the modern office, clerical and related work, such as import and export trade. Over the past few years, I am determined to make a study of excellence in this professional college, I not only have a solid theoretical foundation, but also a certain degree of practical ability and the spirit of hard team work. Born in rural families, I have a hard work, hardship, and pragmatic spirit and style. Rural life cast of my simple, honest, kind-hearted personality, I am not afraid of difficulties in cultivating the setbacks, the struggle of the spirit of unwillingness to admit defeat.

  College, I constantly improve their knowledge structure, to improve their overall quality. "天道酬勤", today I have the system to learn and master all the courses本系所set up and familiar with the development needs of the international situation. For this reason, in the university community during the many practical activities. And to integrate theory with practice, active in school practice, test their knowledge at the same time, so they have a strong analysis of issues and the practical ability to solve the problem, at the same time enhanced the lives of students of my high organizations and the leadership and management abilities, especially in the company model of grace on the stage even more enhanced my courage and self-confidence. Self-confidence and perseverance are my principles, I am calm and optimistic attitude, a broad-loving enrich me. Facing the choice, I have full confidence in their own community and the desire to be recognized by society, to have the opportunity to play to their wisdom, have contributed to society.

  "Decade of grinding sword today to show-jun." I do not have university diplomas to sponsors, no political background to the rich decor, but I have a healthy and natural for me, self-confident and not arrogant, modest and innovative, mature and full of vitality. I would like to with the nature of my most sincere heart and with other students to accept your selection. "Master said a few heroes? Loyalty and fear of the public and its Literature," in the real world, such as the countless number of talents, that is, the god of the universe, it is difficult to pick up one by one, I can come to the fore, the only real value of post-mortem practice. Looking back, I have the courage to be diligent in their studies to explore the road of knowledge蕴积; Looking to the future, I would be willing to devote themselves to the cause of the business the way to open up.

  Choose the good and the Migratory birds, the main and optional贤臣thing. "Distinguished leadership, one in urgent need of the sky eagle wings, good horse riding to be a party to the path. Your organization created to develop performance and long-term prospects, I admired for a long time. am sure I will be diligent in their own sweat, along with colleagues in your company for a bright future endless struggle, my dedication and enthusiasm of young talent! I sincerely hope to become a member.

  I believe: It is the Federation of luminous gold! Past achievements have become history, the glorious future efforts need to be created and realized. In this gorgeous and colorful, ever-changing era, only high-quality, high-quality, high-capacity integrated talent to fierce competition in an invincible position. You believe that your trust and I will be a combination of strength for our common success. Meng Gu you抽暇a letter, be grateful!

  I wish the work!


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  Ms. Gao:

  I was referred to you by Mr. Zhang, a Partner with your Beijing office, who informed me that the Shanghai office of your company is actively seeking to hire quality individuals for your Auditor Program.

  I have more than two years of accounting experience, including interning as an Auditor last year with the Beijing office of CCCC. I will be receiving my MBA this May from Tsinghua University. I am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid educationalexperience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution to your company. I understand the level of professionalism and communication required for long-term success in the field. My background and professional approach to business will provide your office with a highly productive Auditor upon completion of your development program.

  I will be in the Shanghai area the week of April 16. Please call me at 136001216901 to arrange a convenient time when we may meet to further discuss my background in relation to your needs. I look forward to meeting you then.


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Cover letter

  Dear Human Resources Manager


  I am honored to be your busy schedule to read my cover letter, thank you

  My name is Cao Fei, a Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Computer Science graduating undergraduates and technical expertise, will get a BS in Computer Science. Four years of college, laid a solid theoretical basis, good organizational skills, teamwork spirit, pragmatic style of work.

  As a college student, I am very well aware how fierce competition of contemporary talent, a competitive talent requires not only a solid and a wealth of expertise, the knowledge and the overall quality to be consolidated and strengthened. Often participate in various sports activities, social practice, practical experience is outstanding, with good team spirit and human interpersonal communication and coordination skills. Holidays and summer vacation to do some promotion and market research; in order to constantly improve themselves, to a complex talent of a new century, to meet the challenges of society.

  Proficient in C and C + +, JAVA. Familiar with Linux, Windows and other operating systems. Familiar with the Office, WPS Office automation software. Self-an HTML, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, etc. web production software. Proficiency in commonly used software can use. Computer II, CET 6 national certificate.

  Received on the occasion of the pen, solemnly raised a small request: Whether or not you choose me, Dear leaders, we hope you will accept my sincere thanks!

  Wish your organization business was flourishing!

  Cover letter

  Dear Human Resources Manager






  精通C和c++,JAVA。熟悉Linux、Windows和其他操作系统。熟悉办公室,WPS办公自动化软件。自HTML、Frontpage、Dreamweaver、Fireworks、Flash等web生产软件。熟练使用常用软件。计算机II,CET 6国家证书。





英文Betway客户端下载 篇6

Dear Mr Ho

  Application for the position of Administrative Officer

  In response to your advertisement for this position in the on January 4, I have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

  As an Administrative Assistant at XYZ Television Limited during the past five years, I was responsible for all computer support and administrative functions. My duties included equipment maintenance, coordinating various projects, purchasing and supervising of general staff. All these abilities are important to the smooth running of the office.

  I believe my qualifications match your requirements and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this application with you at your convenience.

  Thank you for your consideration.

  Yours sincerely

英文Betway客户端下载 篇7

  work experience 工作经历 occupational history 工作经历

  professionalhistory 职业经历 specific experience 具体经历

  responsibilities 职责 second job 第二职业

  achievements 工作成就,业绩 administer 管理

  assist 辅助 adapted to 适应于

  accomplish 完成(任务等) appointed 被认命的

  adept in 善于 analyze 分析

  authorized 委任的;核准的 behave 表现

  break the record 打破纪录 breakthrough 关键问题的解决

  control 控制 conduct 经营,处理

  cost 成本;费用 create 创造

  demonstrate 证明,示范 decrease 减少

  design 设计 develop 开发,发挥

  devise 设计,发明 direct 指导

  double 加倍,翻一番 earn 获得,赚取

  effect 效果,作用 eliminate 消除

  enlarge 扩大 enrich 使丰富

  exploit 开发(资源,产品) enliven 搞活

  establish 设立(公司等);使开业 evaluation 估价,评价

  execute 实行,实施 expedite 加快;促进

  generate 产生 good at 擅长于

  guide 指导;操纵 improve 改进,提高

  initiate 创始,开创 innovate 改革,革新

  invest 投资 integrate 使结合;使一体化

  justified 经证明的;合法化的 launch 开办(新企业)

  maintain 保持;维修 modernize 使现代化

  negotiate 谈判 nominated 被提名;被认命的

  overcome 克服 perfect 使完善;改善

  perform 执行,履行 profit 利润

  be promoted to 被提升为 be proposed as 被提名(推荐)为

  realize 实现(目标)获得(利润) reconstruct 重建

  recorded 记载的 refine 精练,精制

  registered 已注册的 regenerate 更新,使再生

  replace 接替,替换 retrieve 挽回

  revenue 收益,收入 scientific 科学的,系统的

  self-dependence 自力更生 serve 服务,供职

  settle 解决(问题等) shorten 减低……效能

  simplify 简化,精简 spread 传播,扩大

  standard 标准,规格 supervises 监督,管理

  supply 供给,满足 systematize 使系统化

  test 试验,检验 well-trained 训练有素的

  valuable 有价值的' target 目标,指标

  working model 劳动模范 advanced worker 先进工作者

英文Betway客户端下载 篇8


  (1) Clearness(明了):Betway客户端下载要突出求职的主题,开场白要直截了当,不要绕圈子,应直接道明写信意图,在介绍个人情况时,应多说你能为公司做些什么。另外,层次要分明,使读信人一目了然。

  (2) Conciseness(简洁):言简意赅,文字力求简短。把必要的事项说清楚,不提与求职无关的事。尽量使用短句,少用复合句、避免陈词滥调。

  (3) Correctness(准确):达意准确。平时要注意语言修养的提高,随时收集并掌握丰富的常用习惯短语,这样才能在写Betway客户端下载时运用自如,做到语言的准确。Betway客户端下载中应避免使用过多的形容词和副词。

  (4) Politeness(礼貌):话语要礼貌、既要尊重对方,又要切忌迎合,恭维或表现得过分热情,态度要不卑不亢。获得招聘消息后应及时写Betway客户端下载、拖延时间也是不礼貌的。 为了使英语Betway客户端下载明了、简洁、准确和礼貌,应该注意如下几点:

  A、 陈述自己的工作能力要实事求是,不要夸夸其谈,过分渲染自己。如果高淡阔论夸大自己的优点,就会给读信人留下一种虚浮不踏实的感觉。应如实介绍自己的情况,让对方去判断你的能力。

  B、 说明离职原因时切勿批评目前的工作单位或负责人。如果你对目前的工作单位或负责人说三道四大发牢骚,就会让读信人认为你是个爱说长道短搬弄是非之人。试想,有谁会愿意把一个爱发牢骚而搬弄是非的人招聘到自己的单位来呢?

  C、 自卑自贬亦不可取。如果自己都看不起自己,别人还能看得起你吗?殊不知,招聘单位对你的估计是根据你对自己的估计做出的,因此,故作谦卑也只能是恰得其反。

  D、 语气须肯定而自信,要有创意,应避免迂腐、生僻的词。


  1st、 I am not only competent to install a filing system that will fulfill the needs of your corporation, but also well qualified to operate it efficiently.(我自信不仅可以设置一套能满足贵公司需求的档案分类系统,而且可以有效地进行操作。) 在此名中使用了not only…but also,competent 和well qualified 等词语,表现得太自信,有夜郎自大之嫌,故不可取。

  2nd、I think that I should probably make a good accountant for your factory.(我想我可能成为贵厂的一名好会计员)。 此名中的情态动词should和副词probably 所表达的语气都欠肯定,而make(成为)一词也缺乏自信,整句话显得语气太弱,有自卑感,因此亦不可取。

  3rd、I am confident that my experience and references will show you that I can fulfill the particular requirements of your secretarial position (我相信我的经验和证明人可以向您表明,我能够符合贵单位秘书一职的特定需要。) 此句中的confident 一词语气肯定,给人一种自信感,而will show 和I can 也无自大之嫌,因而此句用得恰到好处,有特殊风格。


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