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  第二,简洁、明了、具体地说明自己的能力和条件。因为Betway客户端下载通常是跟 简历 一起寄给用人单位的,所以在信中提到自己的能力和条件时,不是要简单重复 简历 中已有的内容,而是要用简洁、明了、具体的语言提出自己特别突出的或者可能引起用人单位特别的注意的能力和条件。







  Dear Sir or Madam:

  I am writing in response to the advertisement you placed in the Sunday paper for a sales manager in your company. Your company has a reputation for producing high-quality products like Mandolin network system. I am interested in joining such a professional organization.

  As you can see from the enclosed resume, my previous work in an export company has provided me with lots of opportunities to contact all kinds of customers and suppliers home and abroad. By communicating with them, I have got very familiar with the international trade and the current market. Besides, my educational training at university concentrated also on international trade which equipped me with a solid foundation in sales and trade.

  As such, I believe that my service could be of great benefit to your company in terms of customer relation and new business connections.

  I hope to have an opportunity to meet your human resource manager in order to let you know more about me. I enclose a resume and could be available for an interview at your convenience. Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.

  Sincerely yours,xxx

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