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  dear leaders:

  i hope that i find useless, a year ago, jinan university i graduated from the faculty of education, school management, the city assigned by the state, the latter by the board of education assigned to the municipal authorities as a child of kindergarten teachers. over the past year, studies in the use of non-(director) has held up the post a lot of valuable time, which countries are undoubtedly the loss of individuals, i want to find a place to play its director.

  i brought up the capacity of language subjects, high school to 108 colleges and universities at colleges for admission, during the school newspaper at the provincial two novels published in the guangming daily published a survey of university students the summer vacation, the school won the second race硬笔calligraphy award (in block letters). × organs previously directly under the text to use for work, has written a variety of plans, summary of the report, deputy mayor for × wrote the script of a televised speech. in addition, i have been the subject of english in secondary schools during the university's strengths, among the best results. university of the third grade at the provincial level have been published two works of translation. university of the fourth grade through the national examination in english 4. from the above, i served as secretary for public courses or foreign language teaching.

  leading comrades, i am completely sure that if you will allow me to serve as the work of these two aspects will make you satisfied. i myself will treasure this hard-won work, struggling to make its own contribution.




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