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Betway客户端下载-betway ios-betway必威官网手机版app


Betway客户端下载-betway ios-betway必威官网手机版app

  A:31; B:25 C:29; D:30

  A football team won 6 games and lost 18.What fraction of its games did the team win?

  A:1/3; B:1/4; C:2/3; D:3/4;

  Select the number that would be next in the series

  6.546, 6.659, 6.772, 6.885, 6.998

  A:7.111; B:7.10; C:7.011; D:None of these;

  A television manufacturer offers a distributor successive discounts of 15 and 10 percent on one of its new color models. The distributor pays $459.00 net for the TV set. What was the original price before any discount?

  A:$612.00; B:$600.00; C:580.00; D:473.75;

  If you can paint three standard-size rooms in two days, how many similar rooms can you and three of your friends paint in three days?

  A:6; B:13.2; C:18; D:54;

  If snow is falling at the rate of 11/2 inches per hour, how many inches of snow will fall in X minutes?

  A:X/40; B:X/30; C:30X; D:40X;



  A:((varA||varB)&varC)==varD; B:varA||(varB&(varC==varD)); C:(varA||varB)&var(C==varD); D:(varA||varB)&(varC)==varD;





  A:a; B:b; C:a-b; D:a+b;

  The following function is meant to reverse the numbers in an array of 7 integers, but may have a bug.Where is the error,if any?(Mark it with circle)

  Void reverse(int A[7])


  int IO=0;

  int hi;

  while (IO<7) //Line 1


  hi=6-IO; //Line 2

  int swap=A[hi]; //Line 3

  A[hi]=A[IO]; //Line 4

  A[IO]=swap; //Line 5

  IO=IO+1; //Line 6



  A:Line 1; B:Line 2; C:Line 3; D:Line 4; E:Line 5; F:Line 6;

  What function does the following recursive(递归) subroutine compute,when passed two non-negative values?

  int f(int a, int b)


  if(a equals 0)

  return 0;


  return f(a-1,b)+b;


  A:Sum: a+b; B:Difference: a-b; C:Exponentiation(求幂): a**b; D:Product: a*b; E:Factorial(阶乘); F:Square root; G:The subroutine diverges (does not return a value);

  According to the following code, what is the value of the function’s result?

  int t(int a)


  int s=0;

  for (int i=1;i<=a,i++)





  when executing the t(10),what result will you get?

  A:20; B:55; C:10; D:25;

  What is the negation of the following expression?

  0 A:n>=0 AND MAX>=n; B:0>n OR n>MAX; C:n<=0 OR n>=MAX; D:n>0 AND MAX>n; E:0=0 OR MAX>=n; G:0 Choose the best answer:A Pointer …

  A:is a single link in a linked list.; B:Is a variable holding the (x,y) coordinates of a point.; C:Is the address of an object.; D:Is a variable holding an IP address; E:Is a variable holding the address of another variable.; F:Is the header section of an operating system block.; G:Separates frames on the runtime stack;


  A:小红比小强大; B: 小红比小强小 ; C: 小红与小强一样大 ; D: 无法确定小红与小强谁大

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