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时间:2017-05-12 英文简历 我要投稿

  面试机械设计相关岗位应该准备怎样的英文简历?下面是CN人才网小编整理的Betway客户端下载-betway ios-betway必威官网手机版app,欢迎浏览。


  Objective: Summer Internship in Mechanical Design

  (+86) 138-0013-8000

  Professional Skills Profile

  Engineering, Drafting & Design

  Project Planning & Management

  Mathematical & Statistical Calculations

  Facilities Engineering & Maintenance

  Customer/Account Proposals

  Group Presentations & Public Speaking

  Computer Modeling & Analysis

  Specifications, Reporting & Documentation

  Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems

  Process Improvement & Optimization

  Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PhotoShop and AutoCAD

  Professional Experience

  Plantech, INC.

  Durham, NC

  September 2008 to January 2014

  (Designer/manufacturer of automated conveyor systems & technologies)

  Assistant Detailer/Draftsperson (part-time)

  Member of 8-person product design and engineering team responsible for new product designs as well as enhancements to existing products, systems and technologies.

  Prepared detailed assembly drawings for on-site production and created computer models from sketches and antiquated drawings. Worked independently with little or no direct supervision.

  Daley Conference Center

  Raleigh, NC

  January 2007 to August 2008

  (1400-acre meeting & professional conference center)


  (4/2008 - 8/2008)

  Fast-paced position managing facilities and grounds and assisting the Superintendent in various duties.

  Involvement in the planning and on-site supervision of both new construction and renovation programs.

  Participated in evaluation and selection of vendor proposals for new systems installations (e.g., plumbing, heating, ventilation, fire suppression).

  Outdoor Education Instructor

  (1/2007 - 4/2008)

  Focused programs on enhancing cooperation, communication and leadership skills.

  Designed and led outdoor education and mountaineering programs for children, teens and adults.


  AS - Mechanical Engineering - Concentration in Drafting & Design - Anticipated, 12/2013

  Wake Tech Community College

  Raleigh, NC

  North Carolina State University

  Department of Engineering

  Enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program for Spring, 2014






  在个人简历中常常会涉及到一些信息, 比如说教育背景信息、工作经历信息、求职企业单位的信息等等。在编写的时候,这些的信息之间会存在一定的时间逻辑,以及关系逻辑。要注意简历中不能出现的逻辑混乱问题。





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