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Betway客户端下载-betway ios-betway必威官网手机版app


Betway客户端下载-betway ios-betway必威官网手机版app

  K: We can't sign any commitment for ten years. But if your production quality is good after the first year, we could extend the contract and increase our yearly purchase.

  R: That sounds reasonable. But could you shed some light on(透露)the size of your orders?

  K: If we are happy with your quality, we might increase our purchase to 100,000 a year, for a two-year period.

  R: Excuse me, Mr. Hughes, but it seems to me we're giving up too much in this case. We'd be giving up the five-year guarantee for increased yearly sales.

  K: Mr. Liu, you've got to give up something to get something.

  R: If you're asking us to take such a large gamble(冒险)for just two year's sales, I'm sorry, but you're not in our ballpark(接受的范围).

  K: What would it take to keep Pacer interested?

  R: A three-year guarantee, not two. And a qualilty inspection(质量检查)tour after one year is fine, but we'd like some of our personnel on the team.

  K: Acceptable. Anything else?

  R: We'd be making huge capital outlay(资本支出)for the production process, so we'd like to set up a technology transfer agreement, to help us get off the ground(取得初步进步).

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