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Betway客户端下载-betway ios-betway必威官网手机版app

  大家对邀请函一定不陌生。在不断进步的.时代,我们偶尔会使用上邀请函,拟起邀请函来就毫无头绪?以下是小编整理的Betway客户端下载-betway ios-betway必威官网手机版app,仅供参考,希望能够帮助到大家。

Betway客户端下载-betway ios-betway必威官网手机版app

Betway客户端下载-betway ios-betway必威官网手机版app1

  Dear Mr. Tay,

  Back now in my own country I wish to thank you sincerely for your hospitality extended to me during my stay in Singapore. The opportunity to meet you and your colleagues is something I had long looded forward to, and I can only hope now that one day I may be able to receive you here.

  I thank you once again.

  Sincerely yours,

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  Dear Darryl Auden,

  We are glad to hear through the British Embassy that you would like to bring a trade delegation to China in March on a study tour of three weeks.

  It will be a great pleasure for our company to act as sponsors for your delegation. We will act in cooperation with all the organizations you wish to meet in arranging your program and will try our best to ensure that your visit will be a rewarding one.

  We suggest your delegation arrive on Monday, 6th March. Your program could be designed to cover 3 weeks. If this period is not convenient to you, please inform me the soonest of the date on which you prefer to arrive that we can make necessary alternative arrangements on this date.

  Please furnish us with all the passport details of your delegation member so that we can send you a formal inviation for your visa purpose.

  We look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you here.

  Yours faithfully,

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  We have the pleasure to announce that our Import Manager, Mr. Walten wishes to visit your country in April this year in order to establish firm business relations with manufacturers of Household Commodities for importation to the United States. We should be grateful, therefore, if you would furnish us with an invitation to the Guangzhou Fair.

  Very truly yours,

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