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商务英语作文 篇1

  The Solution

  Most behavior that is perceived as disrespectful, discourteous or abrasive is unintentional, and could have been avoided by practicing good manners or etiquette. We've always found that most negative experiences with someone were unintentional and easily repaired by keeping an open mind and maintaining open, honest communication. Basic knowledge and practice of etiquette is a valuable advantage, because in a lot of situations, a second chance may not be possible or practical.

  There are many written and unwritten rules and guidelines for etiquette, and it certainly behooves a business person to learn them. The caveat is that there is no possible way to know all of them!

  These guidelines have some difficult-to-navigate nuances, depending on the company, the local culture, and the requirements of the situation. Possibilities to commit a faux pas are limitless, and chances are, sooner or later, you'll make a mistake. But you can minimize them, recover quickly, and avoid causing a bad impression by being generally considerate and attentive to the concerns of others, and by adhering to the basic rules of etiquette. When in doubt, stick to the basics.

商务英语作文 篇2

  Thanks for seeing me off at the airport. I really appreciate it. No problem, it's my pleasure. I am glad you had a chance to visit our headquarters, and hope you can come back soon. We should be back in about three months. We'll have another corporate meeting next quarter. Will you be in the area at that time? I should be.... Remember to let me know when your flight is coming in when you come. I'll come and pick you up at the airport. You're too kind. Here we are at the terminal, what airline are you flying with? Um...Let me look at the ticket. Oh, that's right, China Air. China Air is in terminal B, this is the international terminal, so all you have to do is walk straight through those doors and turn to your left, you should be able to see the check-in counter. Thanks again for all your help. If you're ever in the Michigan area, be sure to look me up. Yes. Let's keep in touch

  您来机场送机,我感激不尽。不客气。我很高兴您有机会来拜访我们总部,希望不久以后您能再来。我们大概三个月后会回来。下一季度我们还有一个公司会议。那时候您会在公司吗?我应该在公司。您来时请务必让我知道您的航班时间。我将在机场接机。您太客气了。我们到航站楼了。您是坐哪家航空公司的航班?嗯,我看一下机票。是中国航空。中国航空在B号航站楼。这是一个国际航站楼,所以您需要一直走至穿过那边的门,然后向左转。到时您就能看见登机台。再次感谢您的全部帮助! 如果您去密歇根,请务必来找我。好的,保持联系。

商务英语作文 篇3






  信 头






  日期的书写有以下两种模式:“12 June 1998”[日-月-年]或“June 12, 1998”[月-日-年]








  6称 呼


  ·Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Wang(表示写信人知道收信人的姓名和性别);

  ·Dear Sir或Dear Madam(表示写给一位有具体职衔的人,如Sales Manager,

  Chief Accountant等,而且写信人知道对方的性别);

  ·Dear Sir or Madam(表示写给一位有具体职衔而写信人又不知其性别的人);

  ·Dear Sirs (表示写给一家公司,没有明确的收信人)。


  7事 由


  信 文



  信 尾



  一般来说,书信和传真结尾敬辞都使用“Yours sincerely”或“Yours faithfully”。称呼为“Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms…”时结尾用“Yours sincerely”。称呼为“ Dear Sir/Sir or Madam/Sirs”时结尾则用“Yours faithfully”。



  Yours faithfully

  For precision Airconditioning Co (Pte) Ltd

商务英语作文 篇4







  1。实用范例 (1)










商务英语作文 篇5

  Replying to an enquiry Ex 7: Sample answer: (219words)

  Dear Mr Zampieri

  With reference to your letter dated 14 June, in which you requested information about A Cut Above, please find enclosed details about our company and the services we offer.

  Our aim is always to provide our clients with the best combination of food, entertainment and location. By choosing A Cut Above, you can relax and enjoy your special occasion while we do all the work. Events catered for by A Cut Above include corporate functions such as conversations and Christmas balls and also family celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

  A Cut Above offers a variety of services from simply providing a gourmet menu to helping you choose the right venue and organise entertainment. We specialise in using our experience to meet your needs. To help us achieve this aim, we always arrange a meeting with a new client well before the date of any event in order to discuss the various possibilities.

  As you can appreciate, we are unable to give quotations before our initial briefing with a client as price per head varies with the choice of menu.

  To arrange a meeting or for any further information, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Elena Polidoro on 01623 713698.

  A Cut Above looks forward to hearing from you.

  Yours sincerely

  Sinead Welsh

商务英语作文 篇6

  Describing graphs Ex 4: Sample answer: (132words)

  The share price of IBM and AOL showed a upward trend from June until the end of 1998.However, while AOL shares then continued to rise steadily over the next three months, the price of IBM shares fell slightly. By March 1999 both shares were worth about $100.

  AOL shares then shot up, almost doubling in value within four weeks. They reached a high of $180 in mid-April before collapsing to just over $100 per share at the beginning of May. There was a slight recovery during that month however, despite this by June 1999 the price of AOL shares was once again about $100. In contrast, despite minor fluctuations, IBM shares made a steady recovery over the three month period, finishing at just over $100, almost equal to AOL.

商务英语作文 篇7


  Forward Bicycle Co. Ltd

  987 Jiangnan Road, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China

  Tel: (0520) 500000 Fax : (0520) 500001 Zip Code: 215300

  February 1, 199#

  Gulf Commercial Center

  P. O. Box 376

  Abu Dhabi

  U. A. E

  Attention : Mr. Y. Mohammed

  Dear sirs,

  The 12,000 cycles you ordered will be ready for dispatch by 17th December. Since you require them for onward shipment to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, we are arranging for them to be packed in seaworthy containers.

  Each bicycle is enclosed in a corrugated cardboard pack, and 20 are banned together and wrapped in sheet plastic. A container holds 240 cycles; the whole cargo would therefore comprise 50 containers, each weighing 8 tons. Dispatch can be made from our works by rail to be forwarded from Shanghai harbour. The freight charges from works to Shanghai are US$80 per container, totally US$4.000 for this cnsignment, excluding container hire, which will be charged to your account.

  Please let us have your delivery instruction.

商务英语作文 篇8






商务英语作文 篇9

  Thank you for your letter of 2 November. We are delighted to hear that you are to pleased with the refurbishment of your hotel. As your know .in our line of work, we depend on good ,reports about our projects to win further business. Our clients always shop around and look for references before committing themselves. With your permission, we would like to use your hotel as a reference when we discuss similar refurbishments in the hotel industry . Would you agree to our suggesting that future clients should call you? It would also be most helpful if we could occasionally bring a client to look at your hotel . We would , of course , stay overnight at least.I’ll call you next week to hear your reaction. Thanks again for you kind words.

  从11月2日的来函得悉阁下对贵饭店的整修感到满意,此消息对本公司实是一鼓励。 设计行业重视声誉,客人在选择设计公司时必然会有所比较。如蒙允许,本公司欲请贵饭店作推荐人,证明有关整修的质素。未知可否让其他客户来电垂询? 此外,如获允准间或联同客户前来参观贵饭店整修,定必有莫大帮助。当然,本公司会预订房间,至少留宿一晚。

商务英语作文 篇10


  Your delivery of [description of goods] which was received by us on [date] does not meet the specifications as outlined in our contract of [date] .

  Inasmuch as this merchandise does not meet our requirements, we are hereby requesting that you suspend any future deliveries as called for in our herein referenced contract and release us from that certain contract.

  Due to our contractual commitments, we must supply our customer with the appropriate goods within a specified period of time which requires that we now proceed to make our purchases from a different source.

  We would appreciate receiving your release as soon as possible.

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