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  ??? The world is too big to take in all at once. To make sense and beauty of it, you have to look at a small part at a time.

  In using a camera, you choose a small part through he view finder. You move the camera, “framing” pictures until you see one that pleases you. Then-click! If you make a good choice, your picture will please others, as well as yourself.

  “Wherever you are,” says photographer Ernst Haas, “you are surrounded by pictures. The trick is to recognize them.” His photograph of a twist of barbed wire shows what he means.

  Mr. Haas tells us of ways to practice seeing. Make a simple frame of black cardboard. Take it out of the doors and look through it at everyday things, large or small, far away or near.

  At first you may see nothing to interest you. But soon pictures seem to leap (跳) at you through the frame. Oil floating on water makes a picture in rainbow colors. Three people on the steps of an old house form a picture that seems to tells a story.

  Did you notice such things before you used the frame? Perhaps not. But, with practice, you soon do not need its help. You see things as artists do. Everywhere, shapes and colors catch your eye. Your mind takes “snapshots (快照)” of their patterns. Then, if you wish, you can share what you see by taking a photograph or by making a drawing or a painting.

  Sometimes it’s fun to “see small”. Did you ever notice the design of the seeds in sliced bananas? Have you looked deep inside a lily? Or seen the starburst in the center of a wet ice cube?

  Do you see colors as they really are? When you paint tree trunks, you would make them brown or black. But tree trunks are really gray, purple, yellow-green—almost any color except brown or black!

  Do you notice detail? Doing so can be in many ways. Remembering what you see is often useful, too. Practice can help you.

  A trick for helping you to remember detail is the double take. Look—don’t look—then look again.

  1.What does the underlined word “trick” in Paragraph 3 probably mean?

  A. jokeB. magic

  C. habitD. skill

  2.What does the author want to tell us?

  A. The better you learn to see, the more alive you are.

  B. Walking in the country, you should look closely at the trunks.

  C. A branch with a few leaves fills the frame with a beautiful design.

  D. Close your eyes and try to remember how it looks.

  3.Which of the fallowing is true according to the text?

  A. When you paint trees, you would make them gray.

  B. Glance at a bill and you remember how it looked.

  C. Seeing is one way of living.

  D. Give a second look and you remember all the detail.

  4.What is the main idea of the text?

  A. The world is too big to travel around.

  B. Look around—and see!

  C. Wherever you are, a camera is important.

  D. A good way to see is to carry a camera

  ??? Generally speaking, people like those who have a good sense of humor.

  Sometimes a touch of humor might well enable us to win. Consider the case of a young friend of mine, who hit a traffic jam on his way to work shortly after receiving an ultimatum (最后通牒) about being late on the job. Although there was a good reason for Brian’s being late—serious illness at home—he decided that this by-now-familiar excuse wouldn’t work any longer. His boss was probably already pacing up and down preparing a dismissal speech.

  Yes, the boss was, as Brian entered the office at 9:35. The place was as quiet as a locker room (更衣室): everyone was hard at work. Brian’s boss came up to him. Suddenly, Brian forced a smile and stretched out his hand. “How do you do!” he said. “I’m Brian. I’m applying for a job, which, I understand, became available just 35 minutes ago. Doesn’t the early bird get the worm?”

  The room exploded in laughter. The boss clamped off a smile and walked back to his office. Brian had saved his job, with the only tool that could win—a laugh.

  Humor is a most effective, yet frequently neglected means of handling the difficult situations in our lives. It can be used for patching up differences, apologizing, saying “no”, criticizing, getting the other fellow to do what you want without his losing face. For some jobs, it’s the only tool that can succeed. It is a way to discuss subjects so sensitive that serious dialog may start a quarrel. For example, many believe that comedians on television are doing more today for racial and religious tolerance (忍受力) than people in any other forum.

  1.Brian was late for his job because ________.

  A. he got up lateB. he was seriously ill

  C. he was caught in a traffic jamD. he was busy applying for a new job

  2.What can we infer about humor?

  A. It is the early bird.

  B. It is important in our lives.

  C. Brian often saved his job with humor.

  D. It can solve racial discriminations.

  3.What does the underlined phrase “clamped off” in Paragraph 3 refer to?

  A. chargeB. tried to set

  C. gave upD. tried to hold back

  4.What can we learn from the text?

  A. Many people lack in a sense of humor.

  B. Brian was supposed to arrive at his office at 8: 30.

  C. It wasn’t the first time that Brian came late for work.

  D. Humor is the most interesting way of solving problems.

  ??? Britain and France are two important countries in Europe. They are neighbors, separated only by the 20-mile seaway of the English Channel. And for most of the time that the two countries have existed, the French and the British have been rivals or even enemies. One conflict between the two countries lasted over 100 years, and the British and French were at war through the 18th century.

  There is no fighting now, of course. But there is still a strong sense of rivalry (敌对) between the two nations. That’s why a recent survey in the UK caused a major shock.

  It revealed (揭露) that one third of the British people would like to live in France. It also showed that twenty-one percent of British people would actually prefer to have been born in France.

  Many reasons were given. France has a better climate and a more relaxed lifestyle, with some of the longest holidays in Europe. It is thought to have better public services in every area from health to transport. People in France work shorter hours and enjoy longer vacations. And think of the food and wine!

  Estimates (估计) of the numbers of Britons living in France range from 100,000 to half a million. But it is not one-way traffic. Around 15,000 French people per year come to live in Britain, mainly settling in London. They are attracted by higher pay in Britain, lower taxes, a more dynamic lifestyle. Now it seems that people can go to the place that suits them best.

  1.Why do some British people like to live in France?

  A. They prefer the longer holidays there.

  B. England has the worst food in Europe.

  C. France is not far away from England.

  D. The two countries have always been friends.

  2.Some French people mainly set in London because ________.

  A. they like better the more dynamic lifestyle

  B. they think there are better public services in it

  C. they live in France for a long time

  D. they can work shorter hours there

  3.Which would be the most ideal way to live for people in both countries?

  A. Work and live in France.

  B. Work and live in London.

  C. Work in London and live in France.

  D. Work in France and live in London.

  4.What a suggestion does the text give?

  A. Both of the people like to move between two countries.

  B. Both of the people are becoming more European.

  C. The French are becoming more British.

  D. The British are becoming more French.

  ??? Many youths want to lean how to drive cars. This year one sixth of undergraduates in Beijing have registered at driving school. The students, mostly from majors such as business management or imitational trade, will finish their driving courses within 20 days or so.

  Training costs have dropped to 4, 500 yuan for students, according to the Haidian Driving School in Beijing. The price is not really low, but students will accept it, seeing it as an investment (投资) in their future. Familiarity with the operation of computers and fluent English are the basic skills graduating students need to find a job. But a driver s permit has become another factor (因素).

  “In the job market, owning a driver’s permit sometimes strengthens a graduating student’s competitiveness for a good position,” says Li Hua, an undergraduate at the China University of Political Science and law.

  Cars will become a necessary part of many people’s lives in the coming years, and it is difficult to get a permit out of campus because of the pressures on working people’s time. “Having a full-time job after graduation offers limited time to learn to drive. We senior students have plenty of spare time, plenty of oppurtunity to learn,” says another undergraduate at the university.

  Wu Dong, an official at the driving school, said undergraduates were very able and serious, and could grasp in an hour what ordinary people took four hours to learn. In this driving school, middle-aged people, young women and college students are the main customers.

  From March 1, 20xx, to get a driver’s permit, a beginner is now required to have at least 86 hours’ practice before the final road test.

  1.Why do the undergraduates learn to drive?

  A. They are the students from special subject or course.

  B. They like to drive cars very much.

  C. They want y become full time drivers after graduation.

  D. They need this skill to find a good job in the future.

  2.What is Wu Dong’s opinion of students learning to drive?

  A. It would make the life more interesting.

  B. Youths would have an advantage in learning to drive.

  C. It is a waste of money and time to learn to drive.

  D. It would be better to learn it at college than at work.

  3.To get the permit, the student ________.

  A. requires some time to practice before the final road test

  B. must pay more money before the final road test

  C. must practice more to learn to drive when having a job

  D. requires to learn some more other subjects to drive


  ??? Now let’s discuss something about people’s habits.

  1. Some of them are good ones, but some of them may be bad ones. Can you remember any of the bad habits you used to have when you were very young? 2. Of course, you do not do that any more, but you can surely remember your mothers efforts to train you. The good habits you now have in such matters as personal cleanliness were part of this early training.

  We may not suck our thumbs any more, but as we get older we get other bad habits. 3. Anyone who has tried to give up smoking knows this very well! 4. In babyhood, it’s thumbsucking, In childhood, it’s nail-biting. In our teens, it’s smoking, 5. And if anyone tells you that he has no bad habits, you can be sure that he must have the worst habit of all. Isn’t that true?

  A. We can’t give them up easily, either.

  B Each period brings its own problems.

  C. Generally speaking, a boy likes biting nails.

  D. Everyone has his or her own habits.

  E. We benefit from our friends, kind help.

  F. In middle-age, it’s over-eating, and so on.

  G. Perhaps, as a baby, you used to suck your thumb (拇指).


  ??? Taking care of yourself is not being selfish. By caring enough to ______ your body well, you will be in ______ shape to take care of those around you. No one can take care of your health ______ yourself.

  Believe in yourself and your ______. Havea “can-do” attitude. Make a list of ______ changes that you have made in the past. It is easier to ______ a goal when you are ______. Use humor and laugh off occasional lapses (过失). Have confidence that you can get back on track with your healthy ______.

  Seek out a friend or co-worker who will make you feel comfortable. You will find out ______ friends is a happy thing in the world. Regular phone calls, emails or visit over coffee could help you keep a good contact with them. ______ your cheerleader could become your exercise buddy (密友).

  ____ yourself as you make simple changes that in the end will ______ in achieving your overall goal. Celebration is part of successful change. Create a list of incentives (动机) that will ______ you motivated.

  Adopt eating and physical activity habits that can become part of your ______. Have a backup plan ______ those days when your plans to eat well and be active are challenged. If you can’t walk ______ the weather, have an exercise video to use. If you have no time to pack a ______ lunch, choose a small fast food sandwich and side salad.

  Go on a ______. Work and family are two most important things in people’s lives. People try to tackle the two things at once, ______ most of them fail. Just as an old saying goes: People who know how to rest ______ how to work. Go out with your family and have a good time.

  1.A. seeB. takeC. useD. treat

  2.A. betterB. worseC. biggerD. smaller

  3.A. besidesB. exceptC. besideD. beyond

  4.A. bodyB. attitudeC. abilityD. eyes

  5.A. successfulB. littleC. strangeD. few

  6.A. checkB. discoverC. achieveD. declare

  7.A. optionalB. particularC. dynamicD. optimistic

  8.A. workB. routineC. faceD. sight

  9.A. takingB. makingC. sharingD. playing

  10.A. SurelyB. QuicklyC. PerhapsD. Slowly

  11.A. RewardB. PickC. PassD. Instruct

  12.A. introduceB. gainC. findD. result

  13.A. foundB. passC. buildD. keep

  14.A. familyB. friendshipC. objectD. lifestyle

  15.A. toB. onC. forD. outside

  16.A. out ofB. due toC. away fromD. on to

  17.A. healthyB. richC. interestingD. passive

  18.A. tripB. talkC. storyD. meeting

  19.A. andB. butC. becauseD. though

  20.A. studyB. acceptC. knowD. discuss



  In today’s world many people seem to be 1. (hunger) for money. Money does have its most useful effects on the poor. 2. even if a person has already got plenty of money, 3. (happy) can’t be bought by money.

  If money were beginning, all millionaires 4. have real love, true friendship, good health and a long life. However, this is not always correct.

  Since 5. beginning of time no three words have ever invited more 6. (pleased) than “I love you”. But can love be bought? I’m afraid not Love 7. (mean) to give, not to take. To every person, health and a long life are bought with money? The answer is “No”.

  Of all the longest 8. (life) people in the world, few of them are millionaires. True friendship can’t be bought, either in a world, where money is 9. (dream) too much, it can cause brothers to quarrel, marriage to end, lovers to hate, and 10. (strange) to fight. No matter how much money you have, it is still not enough to make a happy person if you have no one to laugh with, no one to cry for.






  注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

  2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

  When holidays draw nearly, people usually greeted each other in a variety of ways. Some people often go on the line and send e-mails or electronic cards to their friends, relatives and teachers that others prefer to make phone calls or send short messages by mobile phone. In a word, people choose differently to exchange their best wish during our holidays.

  As to me, I’d like send e-mails or electronic cards. First, it costs little and no money. What’s more, a lot of paper is saving, which is environmentally friendly.



  1. 城市中有许多高楼大厦、繁忙的'街道、舒适的生活环境,但也有许多的污染,如噪音和烟尘等;

  2. 乡村生活平静安宁,但也有如城市中的问题;

  3. 你的看法。

  注意:1. 词数100个左右;2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。


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