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  What will the speakers take to the picnic

  A.Some drinks.B.Some fruit.C.Some desserts

  What did the man like about the movie

  A.The actingB.The musicC.The scenery.

  What is the woman going to do

  A.Play baseball.B.Watch a game.C.Do her work.

  What will the woman work as

  A.An assistantB.A lawyer.C.A teacher.

  What are the speakers talking about

  A.A new TV set.B.A TV program.C.A radio program.



  1.What does the man take to school

  A.Five books.B.Three pens.C.Two rulers.

  2.Why does the man’s back hurt

  A.He studies for too long.

  B.He picks up some dictionaries.

  C.He carries a heavy backpack.


  1.Who lost the car keys


  2.Where are the speakers

  A.In a car.B.In the main office.C.In Tim’s office.


  1.What does Emma need


  2.Why is Emma unsure of the store

  A.She wants the latest styles.

  B.She wants a lot of choices.

  C.She wants helpful clerks.

  3.What does Emma often do

  A.She often goes to fashion shows.

  B.She often reads the fashion magazines.

  C.She often shops in the department store.


  1.Who got a new job

  A.Anna.B.Anna’s father.C.Anna’s mother.

  2.What do we know about Anna’s new house

  A.It has small rooms.

  B.It has few windows.

  C.It has trees around it.

  3.How does Anna feel about the old house

  A.She misses it.

  B.She thinks it’s pretty.

  C.She loves it the most.

  4.When is Dave coming over probably

  A.This summer.B.This weekend.C.Next weekend.



  1.What is a major challenge that Stevie Wonder has had to face

  A.His unsuccessful records.

  B.Pressure from other musicians.

  C.Not being able to use his eyes.

  2.When did Stevie Wonder start his professional career

  A.At the age of 6.B.At the age of 11.C.At the age of 19.

  3.How many Grammy Awards did Stevie Wonder receive


  4.What kinds of songs did Stevie Wonder often record

  A.Rap songs about life.

  B.Sad songs about death.

  C.Happy songs about love.


  I remember when I was young, people often asked me, “What are you going to be when you grow up”

  It ______ being a cowboy or some super hero.Later it was a fireman, a policeman, a lawyer.As I grew older, my dreams for the future ______ .When, I was in college, I set my heart on becoming ______ like my father.______ I studied and prepared for that.I reached the ______ in the end and I was teaching ______ full-time for much of my adult life.

  However, there is a “thief” that goes around stealing our ______ .Sometimes, the thief will come as a parent, or a friend, but the ______ thief is usually ______ .

  We find ourselves just about reaching the top, and a “small” ______ inside says, “You’ll never make ______ .” “You ______ possibly do this.” On and on the “small” voice predicts our failure.Failure, ______ is one of the most important tools we have may teach us valuable ______ .When we learn these lessons well, we are ready ______ success.

  I always tell my children that you are ______ to do anything that your heart desires.Remember the saying, “Nothing is ______ to a willing heart.” There are ______ “overnight” successes, but with determination, they will come.Imagine ______ a life you dream of.Then in your heart, believe it will happen to you.Then work, work, work.You’ll get the picture.

  So, be true to your dream, and don’t let anyone ______ it from you---especially yourself.

  1.A.insisted onB.kept onC.felt likeD.started out


  3.A.a doctorB.an engineerC.a musicianD.a teacher



















  There are some simple safety tips that you should follow to ensure your visit to Australia is as enjoyable as possible.

  On the road

  If you wish to drive in Australia you must hold a current, valid driving license issued in the country in which you live.Carry it with you at all times when driving.

  Always travel no faster than the signed maximum speed limit.

  The drive is not allowed to use a mobile phone while driving in Australia.

  Do not pick up hitchhikers at the side of the road, who get free rides from drivers of passing cars.

  At the beach

  Always swim with others.

  Never swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or in darkness.

  In the bush

  Drink plenty of water (allow at least one litre of water per hour of walking) when walking outdoors.Wear sturdy shoes and socks, a hat, sunscreen lotion, comfortable clothing for long bushwalks.

  Never walk alone.Read maps and signs carefully.

  Do not feed or play with native animals.You might get bitten or scratched.

  In the Outback

  When planning each day of travel spend some time to calculate how long it will take to drive between destinations.Be realistic about how far you can drive in a day.

  Always carry a current road map.

  Always carry a spare tyre, tools and water.

  During daylight hours always drive with your headlights on low beam, as outback conditions can make it difficult to see oncoming vehicles.

  1.If an American wants to drive in Australia, he has to get ______.

  A.a carB.a mobile phone

  C.a valid Australian driving licenseD.a valid American driving license

  2.Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the article

  A.Do not pick up strangers when you are driving on the road.

  B.Do not swim alone or in the dark.

  C.You are welcome to give food to native animals in the bush.

  D.When in the outback or in the bush, remember to take a map with you.

  3.Which rule should you follow when you are in the bush

  A.Drink at least one litre of water per hour.

  B.Be realistic about where you can go.

  C.When you are driving, you can’t use a mobile phone.

  D.Eat as much as you can.

  It seems school children all over the world complain about their school food.Cherie Blair, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, said that she would prepare a packed lunch for her son if school dinners do not improve.So what do students of your age eat for lunch at school


  High schools have canteens, which serve everything from noodles to rice, but not burgers and chips.Other children bring food from home such as cold rice balls, meat or fish, pickles and vegetables.

  Students take home a menu for the coming month containing notes on nutrition value.Twice a year parents are invited to have a taste of the food.The class with the fewest leftovers at the end of the month receives a prize.

  United States

  A typical menu from a US school is made up of a hamburger with fried potatoes or roast chicken, lettuce and pickles, fruit and cookies.School lunches must also provide at least one-third of the daily dietary allowances(定量) of protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium and calories.


  Meat pies, sausage rolls and hot dogs are all traditional dishes in Australian school shops.But as the nation pays more attention to children’s health, healthier foods have started to find their way onto school menus.

  Many schools have used a traffic light system.The sale of red-labelled foods, including pastries, chocolate and soft drinks, is served only twice a week.Healthier green-labelled foods such as sushi, sandwiches, corn and watermelon, however, are available every day.

  In some schools, students have a choice of up to 89 foods to choose from, including popcorn and rice.

  South Africa

  Most of South Africa’s schools do not serve meals at all.Classes end at 1:30 p.m.and students get their own lunches.Many students bring food from home, usually sandwiches.

  Fast food and fried food sell the best among students, which has led to a rise in obesity among children.But as more people began to realize the fact that being too fat may cause different diseases, some schools in towns have led the way towards better nutrition(营养).Now students at these schools are provided with lunches of porridge with vegetables, such as cabbages, onions, beans, carrots and tomatoes.

  1.We can infer from the text that __________.

  A.many schools in Australia have traffic lights outside their school

  B.most students in South Africa eat their lunch at home

  C.a typical menu from a US school has enough nutrition

  D.you can have whatever you like in school canteens in Japan

  2.What does the underlined word “obesity” in the last paragraph probably mean


  C.Food shortageD.Sadness

  3.What is the main idea of the text

  A.Schools should try to satisfy the needs of students.

  B.School children all over the world dislike their school food.

  C.Food served in the US is the best of all

  D.Schools serve different foods from country to country.

  4.The text is written for _______.

  A.students of your ageB.schoolmasters

  C.school lunch sellersD.parents

  This year I’m buying presents for 16 children, as well as my own daughter, Mia-Grace, who will be two on Christmas Day.My tree will be beautifully decorated, I’m bringing the turkey to the family Christmas lunch and having an open house activity on Boxing Day.And the whole thing’s only going to cost me £150.

  I’ve been careful with money since I was a teenager, for I came from a poor family with many children.I had to drop out of high school to earn money to support myself.I remember well that I went a bit mad back then when I got my first credit card and my parents had to leave me from home and cared little for me from then, which taught me a real lesson.

  We’re very careful now and we don’t overspend or owe anything on credit cards.I work for an electrician and my husband Neil, 33, works in the construction business.We’re concerned about our jobs because our companies are quiet at the moment.

  We’ve also been hit by rising prices, particularly food, petrol, gas and electricity.Everyone I know is worried.One of my friends’ husbands has just gone self-employed and if he doesn’t work, they have no money coming in.

  Christmas has been playing on my mind for the past three or four months.We decided on a budget of £150 because that’s just under my weekly wage and it meant we could afford Christmas while using Neil’s salary for our essential bills.

  We quickly realized that we buy some things every year just for the sake of it.Even though we have lots of decorations already, we usually buy something new for the tree but this Christmas we’re not going to.We’ve already got our tree – a big man-made one which I bought half-price in the January sales.It will last us for years.

  After all, no one can escape from this financial crisis which is spreading throughout the globe.

  1.We can infer that Boxing Day most probably falls on ______.

  A.January 20B.May 5

  C.October 24D.December 26

  2.Which of the following is TRUE about the author according to this passage

  A.She has bought Christmas presents for 16 children in total.

  B.She has bought a man-made Christmas tree at a low price.

  C.Both the author and her husband are already out of work now.

  D.She would like to buy a new Christmas tree for this Christmas.

  3.The second and third paragraphs mainly tell us ______ .

  A.why the author has been very careful with money

  B.how she finished her education of high school

  C.where she earned her first money in her teens

  D.when she left home and got married to her husband

  4.We can conclude from this passage ______.

  A.the author often quarrels with her husband about their little earnings

  B.nobody but the author was worried about the rising prices

  C.the author has never been worried about losing jobs

  D.the author and those around her are suffering from the financial crisis

  Do you enjoy eating ketchup on your fries If so, you must like the essential ingredient in the sauces, tomatoes.The tomato originally comes from South America and has been eaten by people there for thousands of years.Today, tomatoes are popular all over the world.However, when they were first introduced, there was quite a bit of controversy and apprehension surrounding them.

  Tomatoes were first planted by the Aztecs (阿兹特克人)in Central America.In fact, ancient Aztec writings mention recipes for dishes of tomatoes.Spanish soldiers conquered the Aztecs and brought tomato seeds back with them to Europe.In Europe, these yellowish tomatoes were first called “apples of gold “.For a long time, people in Northern Europe and North America did not eat these “apples of gold”.The tomato plant looked similar to the nightshade plant, a deadly poison, so they were afraid to eat them.German people even thought that if someone ate tomatoes, he or she would change into a werewolf(狼人).But finally, by the mid-1800s people all over the world had accepted the tomato.

  However, the tomato was due for more controversy.Do you think the tomato is a fruit or vegetable Actually the tomato is a fruit.But in America, the tomato is a vegetable by law.Why is the tomato legally a vegetable in America In the 1800s, there was no import tax in fruit from other countries.At that time, many tomatoes were coming from other countries into America, and American tomatoes farmers became worried about making a living.The government made the tomato a vegetable by law so that non-American tomatoes would be taxed.

  Actually, it is easy to tell that the tomatoes is really a fruit.Cut into a tomato and look inside.You can see many seeds in the center, which is one sign of a fruit.In fact, tomatoes are similar to strawberries.Both have seeds inside, and both grow from the flowers of a plant.And both have delicious flesh surrounding the seeds.Tomatoes and strawberries are actually in the same family.

  1.What is the main idea of this reading

  A.How our ideas about tomatoes have changed

  B.How to grow tomatoes

  C.The history of tomatoes planting.

  D.The history of famous tomato dishes.

  2.What is NOT a reason why people didn’t eat tomatoes at first

  A.They thought tomatoes could change them into monsters.

  B.They though tomatoes were similar to a deadly plant.

  C.They thought tomatoes cost too much to grow.

  D.They thought tomatoes were poisonous.

  3.What does the US government say tomatoes are

  A.Both a fruit and a vegetableB.A kind of vegetable

  C.A kind of fruitD.Neither a fruit nor a vegetable

  4.How are tomatoes like strawberries

  A.Tomatoes do not grow very bug

  B.The inside parts are similar

  C.They grow on tree.

  D.Summer is the best time to pick them


  Food is so much a part of daily life that people often take eating for granted.1.Now is a good time for you to think carefully about this question: What kinds of needs does food meet

  2.Food supplies the energy needed for day-to-day activities.Eating the right foods each day helps your body perform important functions.

  Physical needs are not the only ones people satisfy by eating every day.People often eat even when they are not hungry.Some people eat to comfort themselves whenever they are upset or nervous.3.

  Food serves social needs as well as physical and emotional ones.People often combine eating with the company of friends and family because both experiences are pleasurable.In some families, mealtime is the only time of day that the whole family can be together.4.Many social occasions are associated with specific foods---birthday cakes, Thanksgiving turkeys, or Fourth of July cookouts.5.

  A.Food also plays an important role in keeping social traditions.

  B.Food has many purposes.

  C.They are not even aware of their own eating habit.

  D.These traditions provide links between food and social activities.

  E.Like other living things, people need energy to live.

  F.No matter what your age, a strong body can protect you from diseases.

  G.Others eat to remove boredom.



  1.Our school is widely ______(赞美) for its excellent teaching.

  2.He could not ______ (说明原因)for his foolish mistake.

  3.Mary gave him ______(允许)to use the car.

  4.______(宗教的)groups are now able to meet quite openly.

  5.Meg was ______(发现)coming out of the building.

  6.Have you ______(咨询) your lawyer about this

  7.I need to pay off all my ______(债务)before I leave the country.

  8.It was ______(明显的)to everyone that the child had been badly treated.

  9.The ability to keep calm is one of her many ______(长处).

  10.He later ______(道歉)for his behavior.



  On February 14, it is a custom for a boy to take his girlfriend out to dinner, buy her flowers and chocolates! This is what you see on Valentine’s Day, a day named 1.Valentine who was a priest in the third century Rome.When the king decided that single men could become 2.(good) soldiers than those with wives, he didn’t allow 3.(marry).But Valentine continued to perform marriage ceremonies for young lovers 4.secret.When his actions 5.(discover), the king sentenced him to 6.(die).While in prison, it is said that Valentine 7.(fall) in love with the daughter of his prison guard.Before he died, he wrote her a letter, 8.he signed “From your Valentine”, an expression that is still in use today.

  Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is also popular among Chinese young people.Some students are planning to make Valentine’s cards for parents, teachers and friends.Others want to hold parties 9.small gifts will 10.(exchange).The idea is to have fun and encourage people to share in the spirit of St.Valentine.





  注意: 1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;


  Today the number of the netizens in our country have increased rapidly, yet many of them do not pay enough attention to the family.It is no doubt that we benefit much from the Internet.For an example, it’s convenient for us to get the informations we need and communicate with our friends and relatives.Meanwhile, it could help us learn that is happening both at home and abroad.Therefore, no matter how attractive the Internet is, we shouldn’t separated from our loved ones.We should stop surf the Internet and spend time with our families, enjoying the time when you are together.


  假定你是李华,是校学生会主席,想邀请外教 Rick先生一起参加学校举办的五四青年节庆祝活动。请给他写一封信,内容包括:







  Dear Mr.Rick,


  I really hope you can come and we can’t wait to see you!

  Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

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