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  ________to see you here! I thought you were not supposed to come back until tomorrow.

  A. What surpriseB. What a surpriseC. How surpriseD. How a surprise

  ---I think there is little ?????? that robots will take the place of humans in the future.

  ---I agree with you. After all, the smartest robots are made and controlled by people.

  A. experienceB. accidentC. changeD. chance

  ---_______do you think it is since he left for Shenzhen?

  ---No more than half a month.

  A. How longB. How soonC. How oftenD. How far

  ---What do you think of Zhao Lei who has sung the song Chengdu?

  ---I like him very much. I’ve never heard ________ voice before.

  A. a nicerB. a worseC. nicerD. worse

  With WeChat becoming more and more popular in China, it seems that we are_______ the art of chatting face-to-face.

  A. enjoyingB. losingC. failingD. reminding

  ---I heard that you happened to be on the scene of the accident.

  ---Yes. I was really_______ when the jaguar(捷豹) hit the truck.

  A. madB. deadC. frightenedD. bored

  ---Excuse me, would you mind helping me with the math problem?

  ---I’m sorry. _______, I’m in a hurry.

  A. In generalB. In factC. In allD. In detail

  ---Do you think ______ he has taken the bag?

  --- ______ I’m mistaken.

  A. that; UntilB. whether; IfC. that; UnlessD. whether; Unless

  ---Hello! I’d like to speak to Mr Smith?

  ---Please hold on and I’ll _______ your call to him.

  A. look throughB. put throughC. run throughD. go through

  ---Daniel, you ________ spread the books all over the floor. It is a rule.

  ---Sorry, I won’t.

  A. couldn’tB. needn’tC. wouldn’tD. mustn’t

  ---Excuse me, could you tell me _______?

  --- Better walk there. It’s only about ten minutes’ walk.

  A. how far Xihui Park isB. how far is Xihui Park

  C. how can I get to Xihui ParkD. how I can get to Xihui Park

  —Jack, haven’t seen you for a long time! Where have you been?

  —Well, I ________ in Shanghai on vacation for two months.

  A. have stayedB. stayedC. had stayedD. was staying

  ---I promise to work harder this term, Mum.

  --Well, my dear, just as the saying goes, “________.” I do hope that you will act soon.

  A. Practice makes perfectB. Many hands make light work

  C. You’re never too old to learnD. Actions speak louder than words.

  ---Miss, Li, I’m afraid I have got low marks in the English exam.

  ---Come on, Dear! ________. I’m sure if you try your best, you’ll pass it easily next time.

  A. It doesn’t matterB. No problemC. Take it easyD. Never mind.


  Paper cutting is the art of cuttingpaperdesigns. Paper cuttings are very beautiful and display ____Chinesecharacteristics. They can be seen in many parts of China. During the Spring Festival, people stick patterns on the windows, doors or desks for the festival.

  These paper cuttings are sometimes called “window flowers” or “picture cuts”. The custom of sticking window flowers______ in North China in the beginning. During festivals such as the Chinese New Year, weddings, and celebrations for the birth of a baby, people used paper cuttings to show their________ or bring good luck.

  A thousand years ago, people began to use paper cutting for decoration. ______ to historic books, women in the Tang Dynasty used paper cutting as headdress. In the Song Dynasty, it was the decoration of the gifts. Some people made a living by the skill.

  Paper cutting is all made by hand. It is easy to learn. You need only a knife and paper. It can be one piece of paper or many pieces. ______patterns can be cut with a knife. For complicated(复杂的) patterns, people first stuck the pattern on the paper and then used different kinds of knives to make it. No ______can be made during the process(过程), or the work would fail.

  Paper cutting ______ nearly all topics, from flowers, birds, animals to people in history and characters in classic novels.?

  Paper cuts are ______ red, as red represents auspiciousness(吉兆) in China. There are also some colorful paper cuttings, such as those in Henan and Guangdong provinces.????????????????????????????????? In the past, women living in the countryside gathered in their free time to make paper cutting. Nowadays, fewer and fewer people learn this skill, ______there are some who still make a living by it. At present, there are factories making paper cutting in China. Exhibitions are held regularly and books of this kind are ______. Paper cutting has changed from decoration to a kind of art. At the same time, paper cutting also appears in cartoons, on stages, in magazines or in TV series.

  1.A. heavyB. strongC. seriousD. strange

  2.A. happenedB. spreadC. mentionedD. appeared

  3.A. prideB. powerC. pleasureD. hope

  4.A. LeadingB. UsedC. AccordingD. Belong

  5.A. SimpleB. SpecialC. SingleD. Similar

  6.A. successB. progressC. friendsD. mistakes

  7.A. describesB. coversC. discoversD. records

  8.A. speciallyB. mostlyC. especiallyD. hardly

  9.A. whileB. sinceC. unlessD. until

  10.A. producedB. translatedC. publishedD. collected


  What would you say when we told you that you could learn to speak a new language in only 7 days? Pretty unbelievable, right? But how could it be? To find out, we spoke to David-one of our brave Babbel learners-to see how the Babbel app successfully got him speaking Norwegian(挪威语) in just one week.

  How much time did you learn each day?

  I didn’t need to give my whole life over to learning Norwegian. Each Babbel lesson takes only 15 minutes, and I set myself the achievable aim of finishing three Babbel lessons daily. This took 45 minutes each day.

  How did the Babbel app help you learn so quickly?

  The Babbel app has a course plan for beginners that taught me how to make sentences in Norwegian within the first few days. Then I was able to personalize my learning by choosing single-topic lessons on eating, drinking, music, culture, travelling and so on. This allowed me to quickly enlarge(扩大) my vocabulary!

  This way of learning kept me highly active, and made sure I wasn’t bored to tears(眼泪) with grammar practice that we all remember from school!

  “After 7 days I was able to introduce myself in Norwegian, talk about my hobbies and interests, and most importantly, communicating with a native(本国的) Norwegian speaker in a real conversation and I could even play a joke or two!”

  Would you introduce this app to others?

  Certainly! Babbel has 14 languages to choose from, so if you’re thinking about brushing up on your German for a business trip, or learning a bit of Portuguese(葡萄牙语) for next year’s summer vacation, you’ll be happy to hear that you only need an app, 7 days of learning to get you conversational.

  1.The Babbel app is used for people to _______.

  A. speak with nativesB. learn foreign languages

  C. do international businessD. plan a vacation abroad

  2.How did the Babbel app help David learn quickly?

  A. It took him little time every day.

  B. It provided him with 14 languages.

  C. It gave him daily grammar practice.

  D. It offered lessons according to his needs.

  3.The example of David is used in the passage to show that _______.

  A. hard work matters a lotB. Babbel app sells well

  C. Norwegian is easy to learnD. Babbel app really helps


  Description: Black body and head, brown nose, and large ears that stick out

  ?Size: 150 to 600 pounds, 4.5 to 6.5 feet long

  ?Living space: Heavily wooden area

  ?Food: Plants and small animals


  Description: Black body and head, brown nose, and large ears that stick out

  ?Size: 150 to 600 pounds, 4.5 to 6.5 feet long

  ?Living space: Heavily wooden area

  ?Food: Plants and small animals

  Imagine this situation: You go out to your backyard, and you see a bear smelling your rubbish bin. Or you go into your garage(车库) to get your bike and find a bear there. What would you do? People in some parts of Florida think about these situations a lot. They have been running into black bears more and more often. This is frightening and dangerous for both bears and people.

  The number of cases of people and bears running into each other has gone up. In 1978, just one case was reported. In 20xx, 1,340 cases were reported. These cases are called “conflicts”. Studies show that the number of conflicts in Florida is going up.

  Some people think that human-bear conflicts are going up in Florida because there are more bears. Actually, it’s just the opposite. The number of bears is going down. In the early 1900s, there were about 12,000 black bears in Florida. Today, no one is really sure how many black bears are left. People think the number is from 1,500 to 3,000. So why are human-bear conflicts increasing so rapidly? There aren’t more bears, but there are more people.

  There are many people who want to protect the Florida black bear. Here are some of the things that people in Florida are doing:

  Teaching school children about the Florida black bear with a special program that includes a slide-show, games, and activities.

  Choosing carefully where roads are built or widened so that wild animals will not be harmed by the traffic.

  Holding a yearly festival for families with arts, food, and information on the bear.

  1.What does the underlined word “conflicts” in the second paragraph mean?

  A. Bears living in Florida in 20xx.

  B. Studies of black bears in Florida.

  C. Fights between people and black bears.

  D. Cases of people and bears running into each other.

  2.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

  A. Black bears live in thick woods.

  B. People feel afraid when they run into a bear.

  C. There are about 3,000 black bears left in Florida now.

  D. The reason why human-bear conflicts are going up is that there’re more people.

  3.To protect black bears, people in Florida are ???????? .

  A. trying to learn more about black bears

  B. teaching students how to take good care of bears

  C. building and widening new roads for black bears

  D. giving back black bears more food and living space

  “My dear Mr Bennet,” said his lady to him one day, “have you heard that Netherfield Park is let (出租) at last?”

  Mr Bennet replied that he had not.

  “But it is,” returned she, “for Mrs Long has just been here, and she told me all about it.”

  Mr Bennet made no answer.

  “Do not you want to know who has taken it?” cried his wife impatiently.

  “You want to tell me, and I have no objection (反对) to hearing it.”

  This was invitation enough.

  “Why, my dear, you must know, Mrs Long says that Netherfield is taken by a young man of large fortune (财富) from the north of England; that he came down on Monday to see the place, and was so satisfied with it that he agreed immediately(立即) )with Mr Morris, the owner of Netherfield, and some of his servants(仆人) are to be in the house by the end of next week.”

  “What is his name?”


  “Is he married or single?”

  “Oh! Single, my dear, to be sure! A single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year. What a fine thing for our girls! It is probable that he may fall in love with one of them, and so you must visit him as soon as he comes.”

  “I see no chance forthat. You and the girls may go, or you may send them by themselves, which perhaps will be still better; for, as you are as handsome as any of them, Mr Bingley might like you the best of all.”

  “But, my dear, you must indeed go and see Mr Bingley when he comes into the neighbourhood.”

  “It is more than what I should do, honestly speaking.”

  “But consider your daughters.Sir William and Lady Lucashave decided to go, for in general, you know they visit no new comers. Indeed you must go, for it will be impossible for us to visit him, if you do not.”

  But in fact Mr Bennet was among the earliest of those who waited to visit Mr Bingley. He had always planned to visit him, though to the last always lying to his wife that he would not go.

  (Adapted from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen)

  1.How did Mrs Bennet feel when she heard that Bingley would move there?

  A. Excited and hopeful.B. Surprised and crazy.

  C. Nervous and curious.D. Pleased and proud.

  2.Why did Mr Bennet show no interest in Mr Bingley’s moving there when his wife talked about it?

  A. Because his daughters were not pretty enough.

  B. Because his wife was prettier than his daughters.

  C. Because he didn’t want to show his true feelings to others.

  D. Because he didn’t care about his daughters’ happiness.

  3.From the conversation between Mr and Mrs Bennet, we can conclude that Mrs Bennet????????? .

  A. wanted to tell her husband something about their new neighbor

  B. wanted to learn more about their new neighbor

  C. wanted to persuade(说服) her husband to see the young man

  D. asked her husband to let her visit the new neighbor

  For too many people, the harm begins early in life. Four out of ten babies born in the United States do not form a strong relationship with either parent, and they will pay for that in the rest of their lives.

  New research from Princeton University confirms what? other researchers have already found: the number of babies who are lack of the close relationship is rather big, which prevents them having a fair chance of having a successful life.

  That finding is supported by many other research projects, including a study from the University of Rochester showing that nearly one third of US parents don’t know what to expect from their newborns, or how to help them grow and learn and get along with others. Babies, as others have pointed out, don’t come with an owner’s guide book.

  The basic problem, according to the Princeton’s study, is that 40 per cent of babies in the US live in fear or distrust of their parents, and that will turn into aggressiveness (侵犯), defiance (违抗) and hyperactivity (多动) as they grow into adults.

  Of that number, 25 per cent don’t have a close relationship with their parents because the parents don’t satisfy their needs. And 15 per cent find their parents are so troubling that they will avoid them whenever possible.

  That will not necessarily result in a lifetime of violence, but it will make living a successful life much more difficult.

  “They can overcome(克服) it,” sociologist Sophie Moullin of Princeton, the leader of that study, said in a telephone interview. “It’s not a make-or-break situation, but they might find it harder to control their behaviour.”

  Moullin, alongwithhis teammates from Columbia University and the University of Bristol in England, studied more than 100 research projects, to reach their conclusions.

  Many reasons lead to the problem, including poverty(贫穷), ignorance(无知), and stress among parents who are so busy with their own problems that a new child is sometimes more than they can deal with.

  Yet strong relationships, the researchers say, are amazingly simple to achieve.

  1.According to the writing style of the passage, it may be a___________.

  A. news reportB. book reportC. novelD. review

  2.Which of the following is NOT true?

  A. About 40 % of the newborns do not form a strong relationship with either parent.

  B. Some parents are too busy with their own problems to deal with a new child.

  C. Parents’ failing to satisfy their babies’ needs may cause future problems.

  D. Babies who fail to have close relationships with their parents are sure to have an unsuccessful life.

  3.What may be discussed in the following paragraph?

  A. Findings of other projects similar to this topic.

  B. Examples of the results of lacking strong relationships.

  C. Simple ways of achieving strong relationships with a baby.

  D. Reasons for failing in building up strong relationships with a baby.

  4.Which of the following can be the best title of the passage?

  A. It’s harder to control children’s behaviour

  B. What a little love means to a little one

  C. The problems of the parents in the United States

  D. The problems of the babies in the United States


  阅读填空? 先通读下面的短文,然后根据短文内容,在文章后表格的空格内填入一个最恰当的单词。所填单词必须写在答题卡对应题号的'横线上。每个空格只能填一个单词。

  Getting electricity has always been a problem for the 173 people living in Nuevo Saposoa, a small village in Peru, South America. However, things went worse in March 20xx after heavy rains damaged the only power cables(电缆) in the area. The villagers were forced to use oil lamps, which are not only expensive but also dangerous because of the harmful gases they produce.

  Luckily, researchers at the University of Technology (UT) in Lima, Peru heard about their problem and found a wonderful method to solve it. They made a lamp that can be powered by plants and soil, both of which can be easily found in the Amazonian rainforest where the village lies. The lamp takes energy from a plant growing in a wooden box and uses it to light up an LED light bulb.

  While that may sound amazing and even impossible, the science behind the idea is quite simple. As plants create their food (using the sun’s energy, water and chemicals from the soil), they also produce waste which they return to the soil. Tiny animals in the soil eat this waste and they produce electrons(电子). The UT team put special sticks inside the soil to get the energy and keep it in the lamp’s batteries for later use. The researchers say a single charge(电荷) can power a 50-walt LED light for two hours-enough time for local villagers to get their evening work done.

  The university gave ten Plant Lamps to the villagers of Nuevo Saposoa in October 20xx. So far, they have been a huge success! Elmer Ramirez, the UT professor who invented the lamp, believes the Plant Lamp could help improve the lives of many people, especially small rainforest communities, 42% of whom have no electricity.

  Topic: A new invention-the Plant Lamp

  The problem in the small village

  The people living in Nuevo Saposoa have much 1. getting electricity. However, things went worse for the only power cables there were destroyed by heavy rains. The villages had to use oil lamps, although they are expensive to use and can be bad for people’s health.

  The method to solve the problem

  ★Some researchers made a new kind of lamp. It can be powered by2. objects found in the rainforest-plants and soil.

  ★The lamp takes energy from a plant growing in a wooden box and uses it to light up an LED light bulb.

  The science explanation

  ★Plants create their food and produce waste which is3. to the soil at the same time. Some tidy animals feed on the waste and produce electrons.

  ★The UT team can get the energy and keep it in the lamp’s batteries. A 50-walt LED light can be powered by a single charge for local villagers to4. their evening work.


  Ten Plant Lamps were given to the villagers in October 20xx and they have been very5. since then. Elmer Ramirez, the inventor of the lamp, believes that they could be the most helpful for the small rainforest communities.?


  完成句子? 按所给的汉语,用英语完成下列句子,并将答案写在答题卡对应题号的横线上。


  Hawking________________________________________________76 on March14th, 20xx.


  The film Amazing China is so wonderful __________________________ again.


  The British couple _______________________Wu Culture Park since they came to Wuxi.


  I think it’s just ________________________________ to himself. How silly he is!


  Whenever a child has done something wrong, he or she should be encouraged _______________.


  Children ________________________________________________ in spring.













  1. 报告须包含表格中所有信息,并适当增加细节,以使行文流畅、通顺;

  2. 表格中省略号处请2-3句话作适当发挥,给出合理的建议;

  3. 词数90左右,报告的开头已给出,不计入总词数。

  参考词汇: 本土人 (native speaker)

  Nowadays it’s important and necessary to learn English well but students are having problems learning English. Many students _____________________________________________________


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